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Android 16 Biography
Timeline: Original only

Brief Description: This particular Android was created as a stronger, more obediant version of the 17/18 series. He was intended to be Goku's assassin and still have the ability to wreak Dr. Gero's vengeance upon the Earth.

Longer Description: Dr. Gero made 16 as a replacement for the 17/18 series because they had proven to be disobidiant and sporatic in their behavior. He made him with the equivalent of Cell's 1st form in power and speed, he was also not capable of being absorbed by Cell because of his newer design specs; the most important of which was the moving of key components out of the neck area (17/18 could be stabbed in a specific place on the kneck and become paralyzed). Gero also made sure that 16 knew everything about Goku in order to improve his battle calculations, Goku's entire life up until the point where he fought Frieza was embedded into his memory. But Gero wanted to make sure 16 would win and, in case Goku found some way to become way more powerful, Dr. Gero installed a small, but very powerful, thermonuclear warhead into his left chest plate as a last resort suicide attack for Goku. He also had electro-magnetic rail guns placed into his arms.

Battle statistics: Built-in scouter, a fast acting calculator to asses any opponents true fighting abilities, electro-magnetic rail guns in arms, normal ki blasts, physical strength equivilent to that of the original Cell design, one thermonuclear warhead installed in the left chest plate, armor slightly stronger than that of 17 and 18, speed equal to 18, flight faster than 17/18 but slightly slower than Cell.

Mental analysis: At first he goes with his overwhelming urge to kill Goku but as time goes on he sees the true beauty of Earth and its animals. He eventually decides that he must sacrifice himself to save the Earth and destroy all of Dr. Gero's filthy creations by self detonating himself and wipe out Cell with him, after this he tells Gohan that he must defeat Cell for the planet he loves so much. Before he dies you get to see the honorable and vigorous 16, true to what he believes rather than what his program tells him.

Life summary: After he was created he was never realeased by the computer and remained in a dormant state within his shell for a long while, eventually 17 and 18 take him out and release him so that he can join in their game to hunt down Goku. While 17/18 fight with the Z-fighters 16 allows birds to land on him as he stares into the sky. He aids 17/18 in their hunt for Goku but 1st form Cell meets up with them and he saves 17 from being absorbs and tells the others he is just as strong as Cell and that they must run for their lives NOW. Off course they don't do what he said and after a few minutes of fighting Cell they think that 16 is "truely state of the art" and that Cell was defeated by 16's rail guns, but Cell comes up and absorbs 17. Imperfect Cell easilly defeats and damages 16 and absorbs 18. Krillin takes 16 to Bulma and they repair him, but they notice the warhead and take it out just to be safe because he COULD still have wanted Goku dead. At the Cell games 16 saves the reporter from a blast and goes by Trunks and the others. After Cell nearly killed Gohan 16 decides to try and selfdestruct to take down Cell but after a little while Krillin tells him it is not there and that he must beat him another way. Cell immediatly blows 16 into many pieces. Hercule (Mr. Satan) throws 16's head towards Gohan at his request and 16 gives a long and meaningful speech about the Earth and how Gohan must stop suppressing his emotions. Cell crushes 16's head and Gohan decides that he can take no more of this and becomes the first saiyan to reach SSJ2.

Question never to be answered: Why the hell didn't they wish him back instead of 17?!?!